What is PCDC?

Programming Conditions to Development of Behaviors (PCDC) is an area of study within Psychology that is systematizing the knowledge produced by the experimental studies about the processes of teaching and learning. The area has been given many names over its history of development in the centuries XX and XXI (Kienen, Kubo & Botomé, 2013):

Programming learning;
Personalized System of Instruction;
Programmed learning;
Programmed Instruction.

Some characteristics of PCDC is the adoption of a pragmatic standing about the production of knowledge, the use of the experimental method, as the foremost way to produce knowledge, and, the view of the processes of teaching and learning às behavioral processes. In Psychology, PCDC is linked to the field of Behavior Analysis, some of the major scientists in this field are Fred. S. Keller, Carolina Bori and Sílvio Paulo Botomé.

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